Mar 02

The Accommodation Review Process has concluded – CPS is closed.

Final decisions for the Review have been made.  Click here for a detailed letter from the School Board.  Below is a summary of the changes affecting Century Public School:

  • Merivale High School’s grade structure is expanded to grade 7 to 12 effective September 2017.
  • Century Public School be closed effective September 2017 and that its JK to grade 6 English Program with Core French be redirected to Carleton Heights Public School.
  • Century Public School Language Learning Disabilities (LLD) program class be relocated to Carleton Heights Public School effective September 2017.

This is the final decision.  Let’s support each other and our children.  Please know that Century Staff are working on plans to transition students, children and families to our new school, in the best way possible.  If  you have any questions, please feel free to call us at school at 613 224 4903.  

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