May 20

Student Learning and Accommodation Planning – Multi-Year Plan

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The District has to rethink how school space is used, particularly in areas where there is empty space or overcrowding.  Here’s what you should know:

– most areas will be reviewed over the next five years

– the Board of Trustees will be discussing this issue at a meeting on May 17th 

– our school is one of the schools in the Western Area Review which would begin in September 2016

– the review involves 26 elementary and secondary schools, essentially all schools which feed into Bell, Merivale, Sir Robert Borden or Woodroffe high schools

– parents and guardians will play an important role in the review process, providing feedback on the recommendations for change

– as decisions are made, more information will be provided to you and school council will be invited to appoint a representative to sit on an advisory group

– regular updates will be provided to parents and students about how to participate in the decision-making process.

Please remember that at this stage, no decisions have been made, but I did want you to be aware of the issue.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Thanks again



Dave Petrie

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Oct 19

An Invitation From Your School Council


Council is starting up for this year.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 17th, in our Library @ 6:30.  Click here to read an invitation from Council.   Did you know that Council has graciously provided…

  • Smart boards, Chrome Books, iPads and iPad minis in every classroom.
  • New gym equipment such as balls, nets, shelving and storage.
  • Playground equipment.
  • Toys and activities for the kinder yard and EDP.
  • Teacher wish lists, which is a list of things teachers feel would benefit your children in their classrooms.
  • The T.V located in the lobby
  • Skate sharpening for school skating as well as helmets.
  • Buses and entry tickets for school field trips.
  • Replenishing the school library

Sep 30

Walking School Bus

A ‘Walking School Bus’ is coming to Century.  There have been significant changes to the bussing routes, at every school in the city, this year and many of our students are now walking to school – sometimes by themselves.  The ‘Walking School Bus’ is not a bus.  It is a group of children walking to school along a specific route with a trained adult leader.  It runs mornings only.  Space will be limited and registration will be on a first come first serve basis.  More information to follow!  Check out the cool video, below!

To Register, contact Jessica Sheridan by email at


Sep 02

Concerned About the New Health Curriculum?

imageGood!  We are pleased you are interested in your child’s learning.  Consider these questions and see the link below, please…


What’s changed?

The world has changed since the sexual health education section of the curriculum was last updated in 1998 – 17 years ago!

Research shows that children now enter puberty earlier. Young people now have widespread access to the Internet, social media and smart phones, giving them easy access to both helpful and potentially harmful and incorrect information.

Educating children with accurate and current information, skills and strategies to help them navigate a digital world can help keep them safe and healthy.

How will we teach the curriculum

The Human Development and Sexual Health (sex ed) component of the Health and Physical Education curriculum guides teachers to plan what they teach with the goal of establishing a foundation of mutual respect, and understanding for diverse perspectives in the classroom.

It will not replace the role of parents in educating their children about sexual health.

We respect your family, your culture and your values.  You are the first and most important teachers in your children’s lives.

Let’s work together to implement this new curriculum and let’s start by looking at it together.  Please scroll down to the post, below and Click the links below for resources that outline exactly what will be taught.

  1. The curriculum at a glance
  2. Topics by grade
  3. Sexual health education by grade
  4. A Guide for Muslim Parents



May 05

Family Fun Night, Volunteer Appreciation & Talent Show is May 12th!

It’s a triple threat!  Family Fun, Volunteer Appreciation & Talent Show is May 12 and you are invited.  You can pre order meals and enjoy dinner ouFamily Funtside at Century too!  Click here to download and print a food order form.  After dinner, stick around to thank our volunteers and appreciate your VERY TALENTED children.  See you on Wednesday!

May 04

Century and Sir Winston are is Co-Hosting a Pow Wow at SWC on May 26th and YOU are INVITED!

pow-wow is a gathering of First Nations People and their guests (that’s you)Catawba-PowWow-April-14-2012-033to enjoy good food, dancing and song.  A pow wow is about community and remembering what is most important in life: our values, our traditions and our strong, healthy relationships. You will see dancing from men and women, hear magnificent drumming and singing and have the chance to buy a Buffalo Burger  – fun!

So fill out a Pow Wow RSVP so we know how many people are coming and then come join the excitement!

Click here to learn more about Pow Wows

Click here to download and print the Pow Wow RSVP

Jan 17

Online Registration is here!

imagesHello and Welcome to Century Public School.

Do you have a child that you wish to register for one of our fine classrooms?  If so, click here (see full post below) and follow the steps.  Want help?  Please come in at anytime and we will be pleased to help you register at school.

Just call us at 613 224 4903

Dave Petrie
Proud Principal
Century Public School
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“Educating for success – Inspiring learning and building citizenship”
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